Water Supply

      The network of the tap water pipes has been completely laid in the first phase development of the SCDZ, with the daily water supply capacity of 6,000 cubic meters. The fee of the connectors should be determined by the sizes and lengths of the pipes.

      Power Supply
      (1) Currently, the SCDZ uses temporary power by building high voltage poles and introducing external current. The power is 22KV.
      (2) A transformer substation of 115KV is under building in the SCDZ, which is planned to be completed and available in June 2018. After its construction, the short-term power supply will be 63 MVA, and the long-term power supply will be 200MVA.

      Road Development
      18 kilometers of road has been completed, which include the primary and secondary trunk roads. The primary trunk roads are Yingbin Avenue (Friendship Road) and Kechuang Road with the red line width of 38 meters; the secondary trunk roads are of 32.1 meters wide and include Science Road and Kaichuang Road. The road branches are 23.3 meters or 27.5 meters wide.
      Land Leveling
      The maximum height difference of the land in the SCDZ is only 16 meters, and the major lands have been leveled. As parts of the lands are relatively even, land leveling service is not necessary. Charge-free earthwork material is offered to enterprises for leveling land. 

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