I.Function: The Overall function orientation is to achieve “one city and four areas,” which are Vientiane New Industrial Eco-city, International Capacity Cooperation Area, Demonstration Area of Chia-Laos Cooperation, Core Area of Vientiane New City and  Harmonious  Residential Area.

      II. Development Schedule: The development zone is developed through three phases. Phase I mainly focuses on developing industry, covering an area of 4k㎡. Phase Ⅱ and  Phase Ⅲ mainly focuses on trade, tourism, residence and developing the new Vientiane sub-center.

      III. Industry Strategy: In Phase I, the plan is to develop several industries.

      IV. Our Vision:Driving SCDZ to develop as a demonstration base for the industrialization of Laos and a benchmark zone of ASEAN, great effort is put into practices to build New City of Vientiane and paint a business card for Laos industrial and comprehensive economy development.

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