I.Function: The overall functional orientation of the Park is “one city and four zones”, i.e. the new ecological city of Vientiane, the bearing zone for international advantages and surplus capacity, the demonstration zone for Sino-Laos cooperation, the core zone of New City of Vientiane, and the residential zone with harmonious living environment.

      II. Industry Systems: SCDZ plans to build an industry system of “one body and two wings”, namely to lead by manufacturing and support by real estate and comprehensive service industry.

      III. Development Steps: Guiding by the model of “Industrial Development Zone + New City of Vientiane”, SCDZ will be constructed in three phases. In Phase I, it will mainly develop industries, the project area of which covers 4 square kilometers. In Phase II and Phase Ⅲ, the Zone will mainly develop logistics, commerce, trade, tourism and real estate and strive for the goal of Vientiane New City.

      IV. Industry Strategy: In Phase I, the plan is to develop seven industries, namely warehousing and logistics, clean energy, agricultural and sideline products processing, power equipment manufacturing, hardware &building materials, biomedicine and garment processing.

      V. Our Vision:Driving SCDZ to develop as a demonstration base for the industrialization of Laos and a benchmark zone of ASEAN, great effort is put into practices to build New City of Vientiane and paint a business card for Laos industrial and comprehensive economy development.

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