Vientian Saysettha Development Zone Plant Lease
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The development zone has now completed 10 brand new standardized buildings, which are now open for lease. The building number, area, location, length and width of each building are as follows.

An aerial view of the newly constructed plant is shown below.

The newly built plant is a light steel structure plant, the walls below 1.2m are brick, and the walls and roof above 1.2m are color steel tiles.

The building parameters of the plant are as follows.

1. Door: 6m wide and 4.3m high, with two sliding doors.

2. Small door: 3m wide and 4.3m high, with a sliding door design.

3. Eaves: the eaves of the plant are 4.7m above ground level.

4. Roof: The ridge of the plant is 10.5m above ground.

5. Ground thickness: the floor of the plant is 200 mm concrete poured.

6. Water and electricity control room: each factory building has a 2m*2m water and electricity control room, the electricity and water required in production can be drawn out from the control room.

7. If there is no supporting office building in the new plant area, enterprises can choose to build their own separate offices in the plant.

The internal structure of the plant is shown below.

Leasing requirements for factory buildings

(a) The Development Zone encourages customers to lease the entire building, and will grant preferential rental rates to customers who lease the entire building.

(b) For customers who are unable to rent the whole building, the minimum area to be rented shall not be less than 1,000 square meters, and customers shall fund the partitioning of the adjacent plant space, and shall dismantle the partitioning wall and remove it after the end of the lease.

(c) The lease term of the plant is 2 years, and the maximum lease term is generally not more than 5 years.

Contact Information

For more information about the development zone and the plant, please call the zone's investment promotion hotline: 00856-21-766006/766012

In addition to factory buildings for rent, the development area also has a number of flat and well-furnished industrial or commercial sites waiting for your investment.

We warmly invite you to visit Saiseta Comprehensive Development Zone. Please enter "Saysettha Development Zone" or "Saysettha Development Zone" in your "Google Maps" app and the navigation software will guide you precisely to the site.

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